eCalamity Day Assignments Page

eCalamity Day Assignments:  The purpose of eCalamity Days is to provide you with an effective lesson that takes the place of being at school...This will allow us to not have to make up a missed day of school due to weather issues.  You will have two weeks to turn in your work for an eCalamity Day assignment.  Do not wait till the last minute to complete your assignment.  If you have Internet access at home, I highly recommend you take the time to complete your assignment today rather than procrastinating and then feeling overwhelmed the day before all of your eCalamity Day assignments are due for all of your classes.   

My eCalamity Day assignments are review of content we have already learned this school year and are meant to refresh and enhance important topics of our 8th grade content.  Please take these assignments seriously and commit to do your best.  These assignments will be graded...they will not be simple completion points.  If you have any questions/concerns....Please email me at my school email address I will check my school email between 9:00 - 10:00 am and 2:00 - 4:00 pm on calamity days so I may answer any questions you have in regard to the assignment.  You are also welcome to discuss the assignment with me the next day we are together at school.  Do NOT come to me the day the assignment is due and tell me you didn't understand it...You have two weeks to complete these assignments so manage your time appropriately.  Thank-you!

eCalamity Day Assignment #1  (Calamity Day 6):
Before Christmas break, we spent a lot of time covering the 4 colonial regions that Europeans settled in North America. Your assignment is to review the 4 colonial regions:  New England Colonies, Middle Colonies, Southern Colonies, and the Backcountry.  After reviewing the colonial regions, please choose which colonial region you would have chosen to settle in if you were moving to North America back in the 1700's.  

Please create a google doc or google presentation and share your choice AND reasons why to support your answer. Your reasons why must address the folllowing:  1.  Location (either a description OR you may include a map - plenty online), 2. Economic opportunities, 3. Religion, 4. Slavery, 5. Weather/location, and 6. The people who settled in that colonial region.  

This assignment is worth 20 points:  3 pts for each of the six requirements and 2 pts for the colonial region you choose.  

Any questions, please see me OR email me...but don't wait till the last minute!  This should be an easy review for everyone!!!  

eCalamity Day Assignment #2 (Calamity Day 7):  This if for Thursday's missed day of school.

Soon we will discuss the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment in class...These are two very important topics in history.  This assignment is setup to give you a little insight into this time period.  Please view the following video clip about the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment.  Take notes as you view this video clip.  (Some parts are a little choppy, but overall its worthwhile)  After viewing the video clip, please create a google doc and share with me...  Your assignment is to write a paragraph of 6 to 8 complete sentences summarizing the important facts shared in this video.  You should include at least 5 important facts from this video.  (Take notes as you watch the video and of course, you can always watch it again if necessary). 
Each fact is worth 5 points, for a total of 18 points.  Start your paragraph with an opening sentence.  Any questions, please email me and I will get back with you.  Thank-you and I will see you on Friday!!!  I hope you all had a great break!!!  

Just highlight the address below, and right click it...You will be given the option to go to the video.

eCalamity Day Assignment  (Calamity Day):
Earlier this year we studied the American Revolution and the beginnings of the U.S. Government.
Your assignment is:

    Write an essay explaining the Enlightenment ideas that inspired many of our Patriots to want to declare their independence from Great Britain and also heavily influenced the setup of our U.S. Government.

    Your essay should be at least three paragraphs long.  MLA format.  Shared with me on Google Docs.

eCalamity Day Assignment (Calamity Day)
Create a presentation (using the technology presentation of your choice...Example...Prezi, SlideRocket, PowerPoint, etc) to explain the significance of the Louisiana Purchase/Lewis and Clark Expedition. 
Your presentation must include the following:
    - An explanation of the Louisiana Purchase (what land, who sold it to the     U.S., how much did the U.S. buy it for, what effects did this purchase have     on the U.S.)
    - A map of the Louisiana Purchase
    - A description of Lewis
    - A description of Clark
    - An explanation of Lewis and Clark's findings/discoveries on the expedition
    - A citation page (textbook, Internet sources)
*** You are welcome to add any extras (more information, pictures, link a video clip, etc).
Please share your presentation with me (email it to me).